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Jake HoltEast Newton High SchoolHead Cross Country Assistant Track and Field (Distance)Above all things, I am a Christian. I have been at East Newton for nineteen years (this was my first school). I am entering my 15th year as the cross country head coach after serving as the assistant under Kern Sorrell for three seasons. I have been blessed to be associated with some fantastic kids all of these seasons, and each year it gets harder to let them go. RespectPatienceKindnessSelflessnessHonestyForgivenessCommitmentHumility(Eight key principles to live by)Good luck and good running...

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17 days ago MSHSAA Class and District Assignments are up
@XCFan2020 60-70 teams at Class 1,2, and 3 sites.
18 days ago Championship Factor Not Equal For All Sports
@11647781 Private schools won 37.5% of the trophies at State Cross Country last year. I don't kn...
26 days ago 10/2 Meets
Looking for a meet on 10/2 to replace Chile Pepper. Something big and highly competitive.
2 months ago Four Districts for Cross Country
Another thought. Should the Championship factor for Districts be doubled since there are only 4 d...
4 months ago Entries
The Class 3 State Meet is set up to where you could add entries in where you didn't qualify.
5 months ago 300 Hurdles
[quote=Hays]1A and 2A in 88. 3A in 87. 4A in 80.[/quote] Thank you very much.
5 months ago 300 Hurdles
In what year did the 300 hurdles switch from low hurdles to intermediate hurdles for boys in Miss...
5 months ago State Track Series
@macruns 3 of 4x8 guys are also 4x4 guys. Maybe all 4.
5 months ago Crazy 8--Athlete Entries- Challenges of the system
@mbusselman Agreed. I concur with all of the above. Also, I like the import function, but it o...
6 months ago 6 class proposal
With 4 classes, and the way enrollments were distributed, we were a school of around 400 going up...
6 months ago Class Notifications/District Assignments
Neosho is listed in class 5 with 984 enrollment and Willard is in class 4 with 1001.
6 months ago Feet to Metric
Thank you
6 months ago Feet to Metric
Has anyone made a chart for quick reference for field event equivalencies (before I make one for ...
6 months ago Entries - Ryan Taylor
I am trying to enter jr. high kids into the McDonald County Jr. High meet on 3/30. It allows me t...
6 months ago Jr. High Rosters
I am having to enter jr. high entries for the first time. Do we have to manually enter athletes...
6 months ago Vertical Jump Increments?
Seeing as pegs are 6 inches apart on standards, I feel this is going to create a lot of confusion...
6 months ago Updated Rosters
@R-Taylor All but M. Clark are on my Milesplit roster now.
6 months ago Updated Rosters
@R-Taylor We're missing 9 kids at EN. 7 of 9 ran xc and 8 of 9 are 8th grade.
6 months ago State Track Meet 2021
@btripp0627.flosports Makes it tough on distance kids.
6 months ago State Track Meet 2021
Has MSHSAA decided upon a plan for the State meet? 1 day or 2 day event?
6 months ago Missouri Track and Field Jr. High Event Restrictions
@Hays Thank you
6 months ago Missouri Track and Field Jr. High Event Restrictions
How many events are jr. high kids allowed? 4? And, does 1 of them have to be in the field? Thank...
7 months ago Updated Rosters
@mbusselman I'm having the same issue.
11 months ago How did packet pickup go?
It went smoothly. Not much wait time. We were able to pick up both genders at once as well.
11 months ago Tickets
@fl1-4515849b-1be0-43fa-9395-469a07d7f7b1 We didn't offer them to alternates' parents. Long driv...
11 months ago Tickets
@coachebert Also, I had 23 tickets to purchase. I had to do them all as separate transactions. I...
11 months ago Tickets
@coachebert Both teams qualified. We offered tickets to the parents. We had enough tickets left ...
11 months ago Tickets
@zoughaibs I purchased tickets for the kids to watch the opposite gender run. However, the boys ...
11 months ago Tickets
@coachmoran Not a fan of this process. I'm buying about half of our tickets for the opposite gen...
11 months ago Tickets
Still waiting. Anyone else?
11 months ago State Qualification for XC
What is the rule if your team finishes 3rd at Districts, but still has 5 in the top 15? Do just ...
12 months ago State Cross Country Meet Race Times
Here is the response: Jake, I’m sure this will be discussed, but, for example, for the Clas...
12 months ago State Cross Country Meet Race Times
@coachmoran I sent this to Don Maurer. Anyone have thoughts on this? I’m sure this will be ...
12 months ago Course in Lamar
The course is a very fair course. Not a whole lot of turns, 1 1/4 laps. Finish doubles back over ...
12 months ago Missouri State Meet
@Hays Any speculation on PM start times?
1 year ago SWCCCA and fast times
I think the tell-tale sign is that Arnold beat Brown and Ashley by over 53 seconds...they went 18...
2 years ago Early season meets and coronavirus?
@esnich Counties in Southwest Missouri have their health departments starting to recommend not h...
2 years ago individual comparative effort google sheet
@ncxctrackcoach I just sent payment. Jake Holt holtj@eastnewton.org
2 years ago District Entries (Track and Field 2020)
Why is the reverse warmup even a thing?
2 years ago Repainting track for new exchange zones
@11639072 Fischer, the company who surfaced our track, told us to hold off on doing anything. The...
2 years ago Jr. High Track Meets (SWMO)
I am needing jr. high track meets in the April 2nd through April 10th range. Please help.
2 years ago McFarland USA & SWMO Running Camp
For those of you who are cross country enthusiasts. Coach Thomas Valles will be bringing his McFa...
2 years ago 2020 XC Meets
The 22nd Annual East Newton Invitational will be Saturday, September 26th. We are switching back ...
2 years ago Dean Hays
@szoughaib And Class 1 and 2 State is a different weekend than 3, 4, and 5.
2 years ago Cross country 5 classes
@Hays For future, you could just make the certificate file available and coaches could print the...
2 years ago Cross country 5 classes
@JIMKASTEN1 These are the numbers for creating this year's classifications.
2 years ago Cross country 5 classes
@bantazmo It has Carthage's enrollment at 110. I guess they really dropped in enrollment, lol...
2 years ago XC 5 Classes
Any speculation on how this will be divided?
2 years ago podium photos
@lbrumley Also, will the podium team photos be mailed to the schools who trophied?
2 years ago District Registration Process
I think all entries are to be done through Mo.Milesplit.com. I think the meets that appear on TRX...