Perrin Looking To Make Montana Proud At Brooks PR Invitational

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The Brooks PR Invitational brings together the nations top track and field athletes from across the country to compete at the Dempsey Center in Seattle, Washington, one of the fastest indoor tracks in the nation. The meet consists of seven events the 60 meter dash, 60 meter hurdles, 400 meter dash, 800 meter run, one mile run, and two mile run. Flathead senior Zach Perrin is Montana's lone entrant and looks to keep the two mile title in Big Sky Country.

Zach Perrin
Flathead High School (Kalispell, MT) SR
Event: Two Mile
PR's: 4:17.18 (1600m), 8:55.24 (3200m), 15:32.00 (5k)

Zach Perrin has had a standout career in the state of Montana. As a freshman in 2010 he picked up his first state title after winning the 3200 meters outdoor. As a sophmore he improved on his seventh place finish at the Montana Cross Country State Championships with a runner-up trophy.  He repeated in the 3200 that year with a time of 9:20.84 and garnered first place honors in the 1600 as well with a time of 4:17.84. He placed 8th at one of the most prestigious races of the year Arcadia, becoming the first Montana runner to break the nine minute barrier for 3200 meters with a time of 8:55.24  This year as a senior he finally won the Montana Cross Country State Championships. The future University of Colorado Buffalo says lately his training has been super great.

"This is the warmest winter I can remember Montana ever having, which is super nice for running and training, but definitely somewhat frustrating under different circumstances.  Right now I have just been increasing base and throwing in a speed work out every week or so, just trying to get my legs back under me and fresh for this meet."

Perrin is anxiously awaiting his first trip to the Brooks PR Invitational. Racing against the best competition in the nation and seeing Seattle for the first time is something he is looking forward to.

"Obviously racing against the best runners in the nation is a huge privelige and honor, but also just being able to travel somewhere new and experience new things will be exciting. I’m looking forward to making new friends and connections that will hopefully last into my old age. My goal for Brooks PR is just to leave everything on the track and walk away with the satisfaction of know that I gave it my all and ran a good race."

Getting To Know Zach Perrin

What's music do you listen to before races?

I don’t really listen to music before races, but I definitely listen to a broad range of music when I am just at home or working out. Whenever I’m trying to just relax and focus I listen to artists like Bon Iver, Wild Child and Fleet Foxes. Whenever I’m trying to get stoked I listen to anything from “Hard to Find” by Robot Kotch to “Blow” by Bassnectar.

If you were stranded on an island with three things what would they be?

I would have a guitar, a bible, and the movie Forest Gump.

Do you have a favorite food?

Anything my mom makes! My mom is an amazing cook and she is always making me something fantastic to eat!

What are some things un-running related people might not know about you?

I really enjoy getting outside and enjoying the outdoors! In the summer I like rock-climbing, hiking and mountain biking with my family. I also enjoy playing the guitar.